We are proud to be an “A” school!

The Vision of Mater Virtual Academy is to provide students a viable educational choice that offers an innovative, rigorous, and seamless college preparatory curriculum, providing Mater Virtual Academy students, at every level from 6th -12th grade, with a competitive advantage against their contemporaries. To that end, Mater Virtual Academy strives to:
• create a thirst for knowledge in all disciplines;
• kindle the art of thinking and serve as a springboard for lifelong learning; and
• deliver and enrich every student with a sense of purpose, a belief in their own efficacy, and a commitment to the common good.
The Mission of Mater Virtual Academy is:
•Meaningful achievement of
•Academics facilitated by
•Teachers, administrators, parents & the community
•Enabling students to become confident, self-directed &
•Responsible lifelong learners.

The Vision of Mater, Inc.
To provide a viable educational choice by offering an innovative, rigorous and seamless college preparatory curriculum that gives Mater students a competitive advantage, while crediting confident, self-directed and responsible life-long learners.