We are proud to be an “A” school!

Mater Academy Virtual Charter School has partnered with Doral College to offer an early college program at no cost to students or parents. This program is designed for qualified students to get a head start on completing the requirements for an Associates Degree (60 credits) or simply completing credits towards requirements for their Bachelor’s Degree.

Doral College’s Associate in Arts academic program is designed to furnish students a foundational set of learning skills as well as provide broad-based knowledge in multiple disciplines. Both aims are necessary for success in future educational endeavors, professional careers, and lifelong learning. It is expected that Doral College students demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively, to think critically, and to access and use information from multiple sources. The general education program requires students to increase and widen their base of knowledge and understanding by taking courses from a broad range of disciplines including mathematics, natural sciences, English, humanities, and social sciences. In addition, students can take elective courses depending on their future majors or interests.

General Requirements
Attend a high school with which the College holds an Educational Services Agreement.
Hold an unweighted GPA* of 3.0 or above;
Be recommended for the program by his or her high school principal/counselor; and
Provide evidence of college readiness in all areas, as noted in the “College Readiness Tests and Scores” section below.
Complete the application process, including signing an enrollment agreement.
*Students in grades 6-9 who do not yet have a GPA on file may be considered for admission if they have completed at least one high school level course with a “B” average. These students must still meet all other requirements as specified.

2022-2023 Academic Calendar

College Readiness Tests & Scores

Dual Enrollment Admissions Requirements



Doral Dual Enrollment Agreement 2022-23

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