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Scholarship committees are looking for students who have the ability to effectively communicate in writing. Essays are an excellent way for scholarship judges to choose the most qualified, deserving candidates. The following tips should help you conquer this not-so-easy aspect of the scholarship application process.

Give Yourself Time

The amount of time needed to construct a quality essay varies from person to person; however, as a general rule, you should allow yourself at least two weeks to finish your essay.

Follow Directions

Read the instructions carefully. Following directions demonstrates that you are attentive and willing to do what is asked of you.
For example:
Do you meet the eligibility requirements?
Answer the question that is being asked.
Do not go over the word limit.
Use the proper font and type size, if specified.
Focus on the Topic
Scholarship essays usually require students to write about a particular topic or answer a specific question. Remember to stay focused on your topic. Show the scholarship committee why they should choose you!
Include Extracurricular Activities - Scholarship boards can learn a great deal about you by knowing which extracurricular activities you chose to engage in.
Highlight Major Accomplishments—What are your major accomplishments? Explain how you are a talented, hard-working individual that deserves a scholarship.
Describe How You Overcame a Difficult Situation—Explaining how you overcame an adversity not only demonstrates your critical thinking skills, but also shows your willingness to succeed when times are tough. If you choose this angle, it is very important to remain positive and objective.
Create an Outline—You should always make an essay outline. An outline provides the framework for your essay, and helps you focus your thoughts.
Edit and Proofread Your Work—Your essay should be clear and concise. Proofread your work several times, and correct any errors. Remember, your scholarship essay should flow as smoothly as possible.
Get Feedback—Ask friends and family to read your essay and provide you with feedback. This process ensures that your ideas are clearly interpreted.